Незабываемые музыкальные моменты на Джазовом фестивале Монтрё

After a hugely successful European pilot in 2018, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts expanded its partnership with Montreux Jazz Festival in 2020 by hosting the first ever Fairmont World Tour.

For over a century, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has delighted guests around the world with unforgettable musical moments. From John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous “Bed-In for Peace” at Montreal’s Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth to a punk rock concert held by the Ramones in Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s ballroom in Seattle, Fairmont has been at the forefront of legendary events throughout music history. And in early 2020, we added an exciting new chapter to this story.

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At Fairmont, we’re helping to nurture musical talent by partnering with the iconic Montreux Jazz Festival to amplify the passion our guests have for music. Through the newly expanded Fairmont World Tour, a panel of judges selected two talents out of the many emerging artists from around the world who have performed at the festival. In early 2020, the two winners, Jalen N’Gonda and Bobby Bazini, embarked on the first Fairmont World Tour, with dates in the Middle East, Morocco, Europe, the United States and Brazil.
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 A native of Québec, Canada, Bobby Bazini honed his guitar chops by playing along to his grandmother’s old Stax and Motown records, with a healthy dose of classic country. После выпуска трех альбомов, получивших одобрение критиков в Канаде, Базини отправился в Нэшвилл, Лос-Анджелес, а затем в Лондон, где был записан его последний альбом — «Move Away». Bazini’s blend of weary but warm vocals and dusty, groove-driven guitar electrified audiences at Montreux in 2019, before heading across the Middle East, Morocco and Europe as part of the Fairmont World Tour.

Джален Н’Гонда: Золотой голос и классические аранжировки
Jalen N’Gonda, the 2018 winner of the Fairmont European Tour Award, joined us for a second year with dates in the US and Brazil. Raised in Maryland and schooled in Liverpool, the singer and pianist filters his jazz training through the prism of pop—specifically, the sounds of Motown and Liverpool’s most famous sons, The Beatles. Already a crowd favorite at Montreux and around the UK, N’Gonda brought his golden voice back across the Atlantic for the Fairmont World Tour.
Highlights from the Fairmont World Tour
Watch the full series of concerts performed by Jalen N’Gonda and Bobby Bazini across 13 Fairmont hotels and resorts around the world!

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