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Savour the Spice of Life
From sunrise to sunset, guests have plenty of time to savor the fare at Fairmont Mayakoba's award-winning restaurants. Wake up to an energizing breakfast, unwind with a poolside lunch, and relax with a seaside cocktail while you watch the sunset over the Caribbean. 

From curated menus featuring modern Mexican, Asian and coastal concepts, to seasonal menus with surprisingly bold flavors, guests enjoy fresh and eclectic dining in a world-class resort setting. 

Sustainable menus
We made a commitment to the environment and sourcing local, organic, and sustainable items. We have partnered with reputable seafood watch organizations, and use them as a guide when choosing the fish to be offered at our restaurants. We work with Ocean Leader S.A., which purchases Caribbean lobster (Panulirus argus) from the Punta Allen co-operative, within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This co-operative applies special techniques to capture the lobster in a sustainable manner, thus being able to maintain and even increase the lobster population in the area. Thanks to this innovative method where young and female lobsters are spared, this kind of fishing is scientifically qualified as sustainable. Through the purchase of sustainable lobster, we support the economic development of the local communities within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and offers its guests the best fish and seafood options in the region.

Additionally, we ensure that its seafood vendors comply with all legal requirements, by asking them for all pertinent permits and refraining from the purchase of products that are seasonally banned. At Fairmont Mayakoba, we have identified the optimal choices for this region as the Mero (i.e. Grouper), the Huachinango (i.e. Red Snapper) and the Boquinete (i.e. Caribbean Reef Snapper), and proudly serve them in our restaurants.


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